End-to-End Unit Testing in JavaScript – Anne Bougie


Testing is one of the most important cornerstones to quality software. Testing your server-side javascript using Node can be tricky, but can be done, usually without needing to change the code base. This session will show how to mock and test using Sinon and the Mocha framework. I will also touch on how to set up client-side testing of Javascript using JsTestDriver. JsTestDriver tests your code simultaneously in many browsers. Unit testing your code is critical to ensuring that it works correctly when integrated with other parts of your application. It also supports maintenance over time by testing that changes don’t inadvertently affect other parts of the system.

Here is what will be covered:

  • Popular testing tools & frameworks
  • Utilities to help test code
  • Server side testing with Mocha
  • Stubs and Mocks
  • Code coverage
  • Client-side testing with JsTestDriver




Anne Bougie is a software engineer with Skyline Tehnologies living in the Fox Cities area. With 20 years experience, Anne has worked with multiple languages and platforms, and is adept in .NET and Javascript. Her multiple projects provide her a depth and breadth of experiecne that is applicable to many environments. Always passionate about improving process and quality in software development, she is an unashamed testing evangelist.


Here is the link to Anne’s GitHub repository containing the code for her session: https://github.com/AnnieBougie/JavascriptTestingPresentation.git