DevOps Demystified: Finding Value in the Hype – Steven Murawski


DevOps is the new “hotness”.  Software vendors left and right are proclaiming that they offer “DevOps” tools.  Companies are posting positions for “DevOps Engineers”.  You are also might have heard about “NoOps” or how pushing all your apps to the cloud eliminates the need for systems administrators or ops guys.

Join me and we’ll define what DevOps is, what the real motivation behind the DevOpsmovement entails (the Three Ways of DevOps), and how DevOps can work in your organization.  We’ll use real-life examples from software deployments I’ve participated in earlier (with the names changed to protect the guilty) and my experiences at Stack Exchange, keeping Stack Overflow available yet dynamic.

If you have questions about DevOps and the Dev->IT workflow, this is the night for you!



Steven is a SysAdmin on the technical staff for Stack Exchange (operators of great Q&A sites like ServerFault and StackOverflow) and a Microsoft MVP in PowerShell.

Steven also leads two local user groups, the Greater Milwaukee IT Pro User Community and the Greater Milwaukee Script Club. He speaks regularly to local user groups and can be found at various conferences.