Mobile apps are clearly here to stay. As developers, we’ve seen a lot of technologies come and go that promised a write-once and run-everywhere scenario. Xamarin has been around for a while and allowing developers to use a C# code base with native user interfaces. Last summer, Xamarin added support for the user interface under the brand of Xamarin Forms, which provides a XAML-like implementation for markup. This lets developers use C# and XAML to write mobile apps to target iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Come see what Xamarin.Forms can do for you, where it may fit it and the pros and cons of this type of cross platform mobile development. This will largely be demos, code and walk-throughs.

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When & Where

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM (CST)
5:30 – networking and food
6:00 – discussion
Fox Valley Technical College

1825 N. Bluemound
Room F108
Appleton, WI 54912


Greg Levenhagen is a Microsoft MVP in Client Development and senior software engineer consultant with Skyline Technologies. He has a great passion for giving back to the community and teaching. A true enthusiast of computer science, with passions and interests including mobile, UX, architecture, parallel, testing, agile, 3D/games, cloud, languages and much more. Greg speaks at conferences like ThatConference, CodeMash, VSLive and DevLink. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, board member of ThatConference, president of the Fox Valley .NET User’s Group, cofounder of the Northeast WI Agile User’s Group, INETA speaker and IEEE and ACM member.

Along with being a life-long geek, Greg enjoys golfing, football, woodworking, philosophy and stimulating conversation.


Come join us for an Intro to Game Dev with Win8 Store Apps. During this meeting, Greg Levenhagen will discuss the various approaches you can use to get started with making games in Windows 8. There are several 3rd party solutions to help you out or you can do it all yourself. Greg will wrap up with a walk-through of a C++, XAML and DirectX solution to show you the full picture.




Greg Levenhagen is a Microsoft MVP in Client Development and works as a senior software engineer consultant for Skyline Technologies. He has a great passion for giving back to the community, teaching and has worked on a diverse set of platforms using many different tools. He is a true enthusiast of computer science, with interests including mobile, web, architecture, parallel, testing, agile, UX, 3D/games, languages and more. Greg is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Board member of ThatConference.com, Board member of the Northeast Wisconsin Developer Users Group, co-founder of the Northeast WI Agile Users Group, INETA speaker, IEEE and ACM member. You can find Greg at http://greglevenhagen.com, http://devtreats.com and @GregLevenhagen.