We are excited to announce the upcoming Northeast Wisconsin Code Camp 2014. This annual conference is the evolution of the Fox Valley Day of .NET. With our growing community and changes needs, we felt it was well suited to expand this event to include all types of software development.

When & Where

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) main campus in Appleton, WI

Free Registration

Code Camps are always free, but registering helps us with planning. You can do so at https://newcc2014.eventbrite.com.

Submit a Session

Sessions are only limited by the submissions of our community, so if you would like to submit a session, please email newcodecamp@newcodecamp.com.


NEWCodeCamp has it’s own website located at http://newcodecamp.com, where you can find plenty of details and learn about the days events as things get finalized.

Please spread the word!


DevUnleashed is an in-person day of programming, led by technical community leaders near you. At these events, you may learn how to develop mobile applications, games and websites AND you may have a chance to compete to win cash prizes!

Here’s what happens at a DevUnleashed event

  • Below is just a suggested outline from DevUnleased. We’ll treat this more like a focused hackathon.
  • 8 AM – Registration and breakfast
  • 9 AM – Session 1 and lab
  • 11 AM – Session 2 and lab
  • 1 PM – Lunch
  • 2 PM – Session 3 and lab
  • 4 PM – Session close and hackathon
  • 5 PM – Dinner
  • 7-8 PM – Hackathon presentations and prizes awarded

Hope to see you there!

When & Where

Friday, March 21, 2014 at the Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) main campus




Greg Levenhagen is a Microsoft MVP in Client Development and senior software engineer consultant with Skyline Technologies. He has a great passion for giving back to the community and teaching. A true enthusiast of computer science, with passions and interests including mobile, UX, architecture, parallel, testing, agile, 3D/games, cloud, languages and much more. Greg speaks at conferences like ThatConference, CodeMash, VSLive and DevLink. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, board member of ThatConference, president of the Fox Valley .NET User’s Group, cofounder of the Northeast WI Agile User’s Group, INETA speaker and IEEE and ACM member.

Along with being a life-long geek, Greg enjoys golfing, football, woodworking, philosophy and stimulating conversation.


Testing is one of the most important cornerstones to quality software. Testing your server-side javascript using Node can be tricky, but can be done, usually without needing to change the code base. This session will show how to mock and test using Sinon and the Mocha framework. I will also touch on how to set up client-side testing of Javascript using JsTestDriver. JsTestDriver tests your code simultaneously in many browsers. Unit testing your code is critical to ensuring that it works correctly when integrated with other parts of your application. It also supports maintenance over time by testing that changes don’t inadvertently affect other parts of the system.

Here is what will be covered:

  • Popular testing tools & frameworks
  • Utilities to help test code
  • Server side testing with Mocha
  • Stubs and Mocks
  • Code coverage
  • Client-side testing with JsTestDriver




Anne Bougie is a software engineer with Skyline Tehnologies living in the Fox Cities area. With 20 years experience, Anne has worked with multiple languages and platforms, and is adept in .NET and Javascript. Her multiple projects provide her a depth and breadth of experiecne that is applicable to many environments. Always passionate about improving process and quality in software development, she is an unashamed testing evangelist.


Here is the link to Anne’s GitHub repository containing the code for her session: https://github.com/AnnieBougie/JavascriptTestingPresentation.git


The Windows Phone 8 platform pulls upon previous Microsoft technologies. If you’ve ever used .Net before, you can build a Windows Phone app. If you are an iOS or Android developer, you will find that developing for Windows Phone to be an easy transition for your existing mobile skills. I will guide you through creating a very basic app, and will also show you, in code, how to leverage Windows Phone’s unique features and hardware.




Carl has a strong background in many of the Microsoft technologies and already has several published Windows Phone apps in the Windows Phone App Store. He is also a father of four boys and enjoys making artisanal foods.
A recent addition to Skyline Technologies, Carl previously worked at Orion Energy Systems where he has spent time focusing on quick product development in an agile development environment. You may even already know Carl from last May’s Day of .Net session on Object Oriented CSS.


DevOps is the new “hotness”.  Software vendors left and right are proclaiming that they offer “DevOps” tools.  Companies are posting positions for “DevOps Engineers”.  You are also might have heard about “NoOps” or how pushing all your apps to the cloud eliminates the need for systems administrators or ops guys.

Join me and we’ll define what DevOps is, what the real motivation behind the DevOpsmovement entails (the Three Ways of DevOps), and how DevOps can work in your organization.  We’ll use real-life examples from software deployments I’ve participated in earlier (with the names changed to protect the guilty) and my experiences at Stack Exchange, keeping Stack Overflow available yet dynamic.

If you have questions about DevOps and the Dev->IT workflow, this is the night for you!




Steven is a SysAdmin on the technical staff for Stack Exchange (operators of great Q&A sites like ServerFault and StackOverflow) and a Microsoft MVP in PowerShell.

Steven also leads two local user groups, the Greater Milwaukee IT Pro User Community and the Greater Milwaukee Script Club. He speaks regularly to local user groups and can be found at various conferences.


Google has a superheroic Javascript framework called AngularJS, which is a Model View Controller approach to making client side web based applications. John Ptacek is going to be doing an introduction to Angular, and take a spin through some of its features and functionality. There will be chemistry.




John is a Skyline Technologies Senior Engineer where his primary focus is the design, development and solutions for customers on the web; sometimes with SharePoint, sometimes with MVC, sometimes with duct tape. His experiences at Skyline have included a diverse set of technologies such as SharePoint, C#, VB.NET, Silverlight, XAML, web, JavaScript and has led him around the world. He live in Appleton, WI with his wife and a gaggle of children who are usually playing music. He is currently reading Donna Tartt’s Goldfinch and will still be mourning the death of Lou Reed. Follow him on twitter @jptacek, www.jptacek.com and/or www.skylinetechnologies.com


Come join us for an Intro to Game Dev with Win8 Store Apps. During this meeting, Greg Levenhagen will discuss the various approaches you can use to get started with making games in Windows 8. There are several 3rd party solutions to help you out or you can do it all yourself. Greg will wrap up with a walk-through of a C++, XAML and DirectX solution to show you the full picture.




Greg Levenhagen is a Microsoft MVP in Client Development and works as a senior software engineer consultant for Skyline Technologies. He has a great passion for giving back to the community, teaching and has worked on a diverse set of platforms using many different tools. He is a true enthusiast of computer science, with interests including mobile, web, architecture, parallel, testing, agile, UX, 3D/games, languages and more. Greg is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Board member of ThatConference.com, Board member of the Northeast Wisconsin Developer Users Group, co-founder of the Northeast WI Agile Users Group, INETA speaker, IEEE and ACM member. You can find Greg at http://greglevenhagen.com, http://devtreats.com and @GregLevenhagen.

The Fox Valley .NET Users Group (FVNUG) has been going strong for almost 8 years, but over the past several years we’ve outgrown .NET itself. We’ve covered topics like Node.js, PhoneGap, Mono and jQuery that are outside the Microsoft realm, but even Windows 8 Store Apps, Windows Phone and Azure are technically not .NET, so we’ve decided to broaden ourselves with a name change. Going forward this group will be known as the Northeast Wisconsin Developers Users Group (NEWDUG).

We feel that we are evolving to the needs of our users and will make a point to not alienate our strong user base. Our intention is still proceed onward for years to come along the same relative trajectory, but with the added bonus of being open to new topics and users. For example, we will probably see a few JavaScript topics and may see iOS and Android covered. This is a community driven group and we just want to meet your needs.

If you have ideas for new topics, please share them with the NEWDUG board and we’ll do our best to meet your needs. Please help spread the word about our group, as there are probably people that have overlooked us in the past simply because of .NET being in the name. Make sure to let them know that some topics may be of interest.

Some of you may be asking yourself about what is going to happen to the Fox Valley Day of .NET conference. Don’t worry, we’re still going to have a free annual conference, but it will be referred to as the Northeast Wisconsin Code Camp (NEWCC). More details to come on NEWCC, but we can say that we are targeting the March/April time frame as usual.

During the transition of all the resources used for the group, there may be a couple hiccups. Please be patient as we transition accounts, sites and other things. This site, http://newdug.org, will be the authoritative place for our group.