October Events!

Milwaukee Code Camp – Sat Oct 15 at UW-Milwaukee

Technology Hub ConferenceThurs Oct 13 at Paper Valley Radisson Hotel

Chippewa Valley Code CampSat Oct 22 in Eau Claire

November Meeting:

We’re trying to line up our November meeting yet. Potentially on the MS Bot Framework or Powershell.

Call for Speakers/Topics

If you have an interesting thing you’ve been working on or researching, why not share it at the user group? We’re always looking for speakers and topics. Please consider giving it a try. We’ll help you, if you want. This is a chance to grow!

We’re always open for topic suggestions, too. Send them our way!

Call for Sponsors

NEWDUG and NEWCodeCamp rely on sponsors to help keep going. If you, your company or someone you know might be interested in sponsoring, please have them email or tweet us.


If you haven’t heard of That Conference, please check it out at http://www.ThatConference.com It is the premier developer conference in the Midwest.

Sessions are listed already, so you can see what it has to offer at https://www.thatconference.com/Schedule.

Tickets are on sale now and you register at https://www.thatconference.com/Home/TicketRegistration.


NEWDUG is a proud supporter of That Conference. We hope to see you there!

The Fox Valley .NET Users Group (FVNUG) has been going strong for almost 8 years, but over the past several years we’ve outgrown .NET itself. We’ve covered topics like Node.js, PhoneGap, Mono and jQuery that are outside the Microsoft realm, but even Windows 8 Store Apps, Windows Phone and Azure are technically not .NET, so we’ve decided to broaden ourselves with a name change. Going forward this group will be known as the Northeast Wisconsin Developers Users Group (NEWDUG).

We feel that we are evolving to the needs of our users and will make a point to not alienate our strong user base. Our intention is still proceed onward for years to come along the same relative trajectory, but with the added bonus of being open to new topics and users. For example, we will probably see a few JavaScript topics and may see iOS and Android covered. This is a community driven group and we just want to meet your needs.

If you have ideas for new topics, please share them with the NEWDUG board and we’ll do our best to meet your needs. Please help spread the word about our group, as there are probably people that have overlooked us in the past simply because of .NET being in the name. Make sure to let them know that some topics may be of interest.

Some of you may be asking yourself about what is going to happen to the Fox Valley Day of .NET conference. Don’t worry, we’re still going to have a free annual conference, but it will be referred to as the Northeast Wisconsin Code Camp (NEWCC). More details to come on NEWCC, but we can say that we are targeting the March/April time frame as usual.

During the transition of all the resources used for the group, there may be a couple hiccups. Please be patient as we transition accounts, sites and other things. This site, http://newdug.org, will be the authoritative place for our group.